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Play After School Program



Out of all the creative photography members learned at PLAY; none shined brighter than their light painting projects!


Light Painting Photography

Before clicking away with their cameras, members were taught the science behind light and how it affects it’s environment.

Imagining Jazz Photography

With a grant from Hudson County Cultural and Heritage Affairs and in partnership with the Riverview Jazz Festival; PLAY students photographed up-and-coming jazz musicians.


Video & Film

The film program at Hudson PLAY gives members the tools and tech they need to express themselves in a new medium.

Screen Writing & Story Boarding

At Hudson PLAY students learn the elements of a successful screenplay; the foundation of any good film.



PLAY members worked with different musicians throughout the semester, learning the basics of music theory, instrumentation and performance.


Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, students made collages that paid homage to African-American contrbutions in art, science, and politics.


Film & Graphic Design for Black History Month

PLAY kids came together to celebrate Black History Month with their biggest test yet: making a short film from the ground up all by themselves!


Homework Help

At Hudson PLAY, our students’ academic achievement comes first. That’s why we dedicate the first hour of our program to getting kids the academic assistance they need to succeed. Older students learned better communication skills as they explained reading comprehension and arithmetic to their peers.



In the month of May, the Hudson PLAY program turned its attention to STEM. Students engaged in a plethora of activities of activities that heightened their knowledge of science, technology, and their and critical thinking skills.

Shakespeare Month

For the month of March, the Hudson and Holland Gardens kids turned their attention to the works of Shakespeare.


Macbeth: The Puppet Show

At the Holland Gardens, PLAY kids put their Shakespeare skills to the test by recreating MacBeth, a famous Shakespearean tragedy.


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