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A Note From The JAX Team

We may be living in times we once thought were unimaginable only months before, but in the wake of our new normal, and what’s to come after, we as brilliant and resilient human beings have the opportunity to use our imagination to inspire a new path. A path future folks can look back on to and know what it was like to live in these times and to show how human ingenuity can flourish in the face of global obstacles. This teen internship program has brought teens together to dive into something they’re deeply passionate about and to give them permission to explore their interests on their own terms. Paired with mentors Otto Vock and Elis Rosario, our program is geared towards supporting the truths our teens want to speak to, and over the course of the program, guide them to become mentors themselves.

Jersey Art Exchange

Virtual Arts Projects From the Teen Internship


by Liv Durham

A senior in High School, Liv is facing the pandemic the best way she knows how, through creativity and expression. She has been working on a collection of songs, soon to be an album, about love and isolation during a time of uncertainty. Her songs inspire her to advocate for herself by finding her voice during times when she feels trapped. Yet, hope resonates throughout her songs with a reassurance of a bright future ahead. She says she writes music, “so that I don't have to talk.” Self-taught on the ukulele, Liv has been working on songwriting and vocals with JAX since the 8th grade. We are so proud of you, Liv!

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This podcast talks about the importance of underground artists. Tune in for hot new music approved by us. We’ve got everything! We got the rap without the violence, we got the running music for your heart, we got the music that moves your mama. ONLY here can you find bops of the century.

By Isis Bustamante

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