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Past JAX Art Exhibits

Films by Kahlil Joseph

Kahlil Joseph is an artist & director, widely known for his ground-breaking music videos, including Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and Flying Lotus “Until The Quiet Comes,” and has directed concert videos for Kendrick Lamar.


The Verve of the Earthless

The Verve of the Earthless – Using digital-based media including audio, video & photography as forms of expression, these artists will be exploring what it means to be isolated by society and their efforts to recode, reinterpret and remix their place on earth.

Cachabachas’s with Rest Ashore and dolly’s. Featuring artists Adrien de Martini and Blair Urban

Jersey City based quirky-folk group and “The Older West” is a one night only showcase that features collaborative pieces between photographer Adrien de Martini and artist/designer Blair Urban.


For The Love of Breaking Circuits

The promise of strengthening urban communities & creative spaces has been dominated by existing systems of power who structure the landscape for their benefit. At the same time, digital networks increasingly shape our experience of the world and our ability to express ourselves in it. As a way to overcome the inflexibility of these political, social and technological realities, this show hopes to present work that breaks, re-codes and re-makes the circuits that constrain creative action.

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