The Verve of the Earthless

The Verve of the Earthless – Using digital-based media including audio, video & photography as forms of expression, these artists will be exploring what it means to be isolated by society and their efforts to recode, reinterpret and remix their place on earth,


October 8 & October 9, 2016 a part of the JC Art Studio Tour


Reception: Saturday, October 8, 5-10pm

Join the JAX artists and partners!


Artists Include:

Benjamin Lundberg
Samantha Galarza
Joshua Booth
Dana Davenport
William Keops Ibanez
Kelle Colyer-Brown
Jacqueline Arias
Ana Zambrano
Jodie Lyn Kee Chow
Parissah Lin
Mediha Ayub
Maksim Axelrod
Jenny Brover

Fruits and other offerings by Tread Clothes & Tings // Treadwell + CLMND installation

Performances & Music begins at 5pm:


5:00 DJ GoodFood




7:30 Samantha Galarza – performance


8:00 Din


8:30 Copperbole


9:00 Okestura