My experience at JAX has been great. I learned things I haven’t learned and got a chance to meet new people and the new teachers at JAX have been a blessing to the community. I have learned a lot at the camp. I have learned about sampling music: it is where you take pieces of a song and use it to make a new song. I also learned about interval and scales on the piano with major and minor scales. One of my favorite things to do was play bass even though my fingers hurt after playing for a certain amount of time. It’s just something I have to work on and deal with. If I had to tell someone about JAX I would tell them that they should come to this camp. It’s a great learning experience. I think people will enjoy the camp because so much fun things go on here: like field trips, meeting new people and learning new things you never learned before. JAX it has made me want to make music my top goal in life.