When I connected to JAX I didn’t have an idea of what was in store for me coming here. I was apprehensive. On my first day, I had the decision of working with music or media and I chose to chip away at music. What’s more, truly, it was the best decision I’ve made. I learned so much that I could demonstrate to my younger siblings and older sister stuff that I didn’t know before. I figured out how to play a couple of notes on the piano and figured out how to utilize Garageband on a Mac to make beats. The music instructor Jesse taught me about harmony, choruses, and measures. Utilizing Garageband I made two distinct beats with various instruments, and I had the opportunity to present them to the other teens that attended JAX. Being at JAX opened my eyes to a better comprehension of music and the genuine importance behind the music from different generations. I would always recommend this program to other teens that would like to learn about music and the powerful meaning of music. During my two weeks of interning at JAX, I was able to go on field trips, explore NYC, take cool photos and also connect with people around my community. If you’re interested in starting music or wanting to learn music JAX is definitely the place to be!