My Experience at JAX was interesting. I got to learn new things, like how to use Premiere Pro more effectively and how to use a DSLR camera for photography and film. I made new friends at JAX and I had fun. I’ve learned to record video on a DSLR and how to take a professional interview. Also I learned how to shoot B-roll that would be used for documentary videos like the interviews we did of local business owners. I learned that B-roll adds more interesting aspects for viewers to see, so they don’t get bored by just watching the interview. My favorite thing to do at JAX was to edit clips after recording them, but it was hard to do since getting B-roll and filming the actual video was challenging. It was difficult to shoot the footage using camera movement techniques which I have never tried before. I would tell people about JAX. As I know that many would have an interest in the music and media programs that JAX offers. Teens I know like to listen to music and have an interest in photography and filmmaking. They would enjoy creating a movie with these skills. So JAX would be the right place for teens like them.