My experience has been amazing. In this 4 weeks program I learned how to play the piano and the drums. I learn a lot of things. Playing the piano I learned how to play different types of musics, seasons of love, three little birds, amazing grace, and you only live once. My favorite things to do was to play different songs in the piano and play different beats in the drum, and so much more. The music teacher is very understandable, friendly, and professional. What I would gladly tell human being about JAX is if you want to get started on music. If this is your first time in music you should definitely come to this place.

JAX music is your first step into known music and becoming a musician. The price is a little high but you can get a scholarship and come for FREE. You can. talk to Jackie about the price she would make a way for you. She is very understandable to. In the program we learned how to play an instrument, join a band, explore music, make a film, make life-long friends, filed trips to high tech media companies, field trips to anywhere you want. Any place, and fun place to.

In the music which I was in, we play and do the followings.

  1. Produce music using DAW or software.

  2. Music industry.

  3. I learn how to play a blues.

  4. Reggae.

  5. Sing intervals

  6. Determine intervals

  7. Modes

  8. Improvisation.

  9. Watch videos about famous musician.

  10. How to play in the band.

  11. Learn how to play drum beats.

  12. And more