Attending JAX was an interesting but great experience. First time, actually, attending this program; and I could say that the people were cool here. Coming to JAX, I learned a lot. I learned how to edit short films and draw on the computer using a Wacom tablet. It was a very cool experience, because those are two things I have never done before. I was surprised that I pick it up really quickly.

My favorite thing to do was to draw on the Wacom tablet. I have always wanted to digitally draw and make content with that and JAX has given me that opportunity. Now I am more comfortable with it and plan on getting my own drawing equipment soon. In addition, edited videos become another favorite of mine. JAX has helped me improve my video editing skills. If I were to tell or recommend JAX to a family member or a friend, I would tell them that JAX is a very cool program. I would say that they can learn new things and improve their skills in filmmaking, art and music. JAX can take you to places you have never been before and those places will inspire you. Overall JAX is a program that I really enjoyed and I am sure teens in Jersey City will enjoy it too.