My overall experience at JAX was both fun and educational. I felt like I had a safe space to both express myself and use my skills productively. At JAX, I had a space to work with people who have similar experiences and interests. I learned how to work productively over a limited amount of time, as well as develop my style of working and art. Furthermore, I got a taste of working with professional tools I would not have access to at home.

My favorite thing to do here at JAX was being able to work with people. Getting to make art was fun, but doing it with someone made it even better. Usually I’m not a people-person, but getting to collaborate with others opened my eyes and mind to the experience.

I would strongly recommend others to JAX. I would tell them to come, even if just for a day, and have a life changing experience. Every day you learn something new, whether it be big or small.`